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How to write a book in 48 hours?

Updated: Oct 15, 2019

I’ve recently been hearing about publishing coaches who offer to help people write a book in only 48 hours. Intrigued I looked into this further and am surprised to find this really is a trend. However, having written, published, co-authored, and developed five quality books in the last 5 years I can honestly tell you that there is a process, and it’s a reasonably lengthy one. Significantly longer and more complex than what can be achieved in under a week.

How long does it REALLY take to write a book?

Well, some would argue that you can simply write a book by planning a few sexy chapter headings, dictate your material then give it to a publisher. That does sound like a very good shortcut way to become an author. However, the reality is that getting your content out of your head is only a small part of the process.

For a start, there are LOTS of barely average books hitting the market every day. Millions of new titles are being released every year. If your book is going to even see the light of day, it has to be good. Your content has to be far better than average, well edited and reader-friendly. Without these boxes ticked, there’s a very high chance that your book might even do the opposite of promoting you positively to your market.

Your relationship with your publisher and editor can make or break your chances of success as an author. Transcribed spoken material reads quite differently than written content.

I’m not saying that voice recording your material is a bad thing. In fact, for many Writers, it’s a preferred option for getting ideas out of their heads. However, just having those recordings typed up, without a good editing process in place will show your book very quickly to be of sub-standard quality.

Remember this – if your readers are regular readers of anything, they will be discerning readers. Your professional reputation is at stake if you don’t measure up and put some real effort into conveying your expertise in a way that represents quality sharing.

If you want to be successful as an author, there is a lot more to ‘writing a book’ than just ‘writing’ a book. It takes time, focus, energy, money, and a good knowledge of the publishing options available to you to make it. Average does not cut it in this industry. If you want to know more about writing a non-fiction or fiction book that is well mapped out, for the reader’s benefit, well produced, and then marketed and distributed in order to reach your market and gain leverage on your expertise, then please take time to attend this workshop.


My superpower is to help coaches, healers, and consultants who already make between $1K and $5K per month write books that touch thousands of lives and build businesses for their authors.

Or we can write a book that builds an email list and social following, that you can turn into clients.

Our strategy depends on what's right for your message and your people and, of course, the lifestyle you want to have.

I'm not looking for the best writers. What I need to find are five people who have a true servant's heart (i.e., not just in it for the money), the commitment to do what it takes to be a beacon of hope for the people they're on this planet to help, and who are ready to take action NOW.

What's Included:

  • 3 day Workshop

  • Gourmet Meals

  • Lodging

  • Chi-Builder Sessions

  • Vibration Technology

  • Tummo Breathing

  • Hikes

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