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My Reiki Story

I became interested in metaphysics when I was very young after I had a near-death experience at age nine which led me to become a Seeker After Truth. Over a period of 30 years or so, I studied and became a practitioner of Biofeedback, Sant Mat (Study of the Masters of the East), Shamanism, Golden Light Meditation/Emotional Processing, Sweat lodge Ceremonies, therapy, rebirthing, and Neuro-Linguistic Programming.


It was after an accident in Baja, Mexico which led me to the question of how I can help heal others and myself and how did Master Jesus, Buddha and many other Masters heal.


I had been initiated into Surat Shabd Yoga (Sant Mat) and studied with a Guru Sant Thakar Singh Ji for 11 years and had many incredible experiences during that time. I woke up one morning after a very distinct dream, wondering what the word Reiki meant. I was fascinated by the idea that the ability to do Reiki is transferred to the student rather than being something the student develops which was the journey in Sant Mat that I had been on. Yet I was skeptical. I wondered if the attunement actually did anything energetic or if it was an empty ritual that simply gave people permission to use the healing ability they already had.

At that time I found out that it was very expensive to take the initiation and had a hard time accepting that it would be ten thousand dollars and I could not afford it at that time. I finally found a teacher in San Diego who agreed to teach Reiki for the lesser amount if I had a group of people. I found several doctors and nurses who worked in our Neighborhood at the Dansbach Clinic.


During the attunement, I was aware of an energy entering my crown and going down to the root chakra. Then I felt energy push out the heart chakra, and I could actually see small glowing chunks of something being blown out and felt that the heart chakra was being opened and a block was being released. When this happened, I knew Reiki was real and that I had discovered something very special.


The results that came from giving sessions to others and myself further validated Reiki, and a year later I received Reiki II and III training.


Reiki and Emotional Energy work has a way of connecting us more strongly to the Source and in so doing providing a much clearer form of guidance. Realizing this I began taking my life more seriously and decided that with the help of Reiki I’d focus on pursuing my spiritual purpose. I began saying a prayer with conviction each day, “Guide me and heal me so that I might be of greater service to others.”


My teaching practice developed quickly and while teaching my first class in another town, I suddenly realized that I was living my dream; I was a workshop leader, and I was traveling and teaching! I was overwhelmed with joy!


I was also able to look back to the moment I had been initiated into Reiki and see that I had been guided step by step to be a Reiki teacher, even though I had thought it wasn’t part of my spiritual path!


After I became a Reiki teacher and accepted the fact that as far as my spiritual path was concerned, I belonged in the Oregon area, my life began getting better and better. 

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