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Golden Light Meditation/

Emotional Processing

What is Golden Light Meditation and Emotional Processing?

Golden Light Work consists of easily practiced meditations that teach us how to still and focus the mind in order to embody the Truth of our sacred, divine self and experience the truth of who we truly are.

Golden Light Meditation gently trains the mind to be focused and steady, creating peace for the generally troubled mind.

Unlike most meditation techniques that have a tendency to train the mind to go up and out of the body in search of spirit, the Golden Light Meditation develops one’s feeling nature and creates the mystical marriage of higher soul consciousness within the body with effortless ease.

What keeps us trapped in the world, believing things are happening to us and we are the victims, is that the mind has become programmed by society with limiting subconscious beliefs that create pain, suffering, addictions, and disease. Without the understanding that we create all aspects of our life, we are not free. We believe that things happen to us. When we release the subconscious programs from parents, culture, and society we become a true creator of our reality.

Golden Light Meditation is a simple path to realizing the unlimited potential in you. Click here to experience the meditation now.

You are a divine and sacred Soul, which is authentic power, wisdom, and love. Integrating the Soul and body with the energy of Golden Light balances the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual self. In this full alignment, a frequency shift occurs within your DNA so that the physical body becomes more imbued with light energy. The Soul can then live embodied within the form, creating a human-divine being, which is the goal of evolution on the planet and happening right now.

As you are able to stand as this enlightened conscious, the authentic Being of love and light, you may focus attention and intention outward into this three-dimensional world of form to create unlimited love, joy, health, abundance, and peace.

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