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About Petra Nicoll

About Petra Nicoll

By living in a state of perpetual growth and flow you will be able to create the life you truly desire.  I am dedicated to helping you discover the inspiration and motivation that will help you get there.”  

 - Petra Nicoll

Passionate About Inspiring Others

Petra Nicoll empowers people from all walks of life to stop ignoring their intuition and start stepping up to their highest potential.


With over twenty-five years of experience as a Biofeedback Specialist, Intuitive Coach/Mentor, Petra has worked with many clients from all over the world to release their self-limiting believe systems and pick up their dreams. She uses a variety of techniques i.e. 7-Insights Technique, Sacred Contract, Biofeedback, Emotional Processing "Golden Light Meditation"  and empowers people to trust their intuition and truly embrace the life they deserve.


Petra Nicoll is an International Bestselling Author whose first book, Petra’s Ashes "A Transcendental Journey", was hailed as a “spellbinding memoir about her near-death experience and the spiritual journey that followed.” 

She co-authored The Big Secret with Jack Canfield (Chicken Soup for the Soul Series) and is published in the anthology Life Sparks: Life Stories to Illuminate, Inspire and Ignite. 

Her first novel, The Billionaire Trilogy (Full Disclosure, Soulmates and, The Continuum) is a continuation of the big questions in her life, about power, corruption, greed, love, sacrifice, good vs. evil, human trafficking, and of course, the afterlife!


When she was only nine years old she fell ill and almost died of a croup attack which led to a Near Death Experience that changed her life forever.


The extreme pain and sorrow of her exposure to the tragic death of her mother, at sixteen years of age,  suicide, depression, and realities of war as a teenager forced her to go deep inside herself and begin a journey of profound insight, to become a “Seeker After Truth.”  


She was led to The Masters of the Far East, The Shaman’s of North America and Mexico, which awakened her to the realization and vision that she had been given—to become transformed and more intuitive, authentic and soul-centered, which took her on a journey that she now uses as tools to help others in her coaching and how she discovered her purpose to become an Intuitive Coach. 




  • Certificate  Best Selling Author
    (National Academy of Best Selling Authors)

  • Certificate  Writers and Speakers
    Association of  Expert Writers/ Speakers)

  • International Best Selling Author
    (Petra's Ashes, The Billionaire, The Big Secret, Life Sparks)

  • Certified Spiritual Life Coach

  • Certified Biofeedback Practitioner

  • B.A. Business

  • Usui Reiki Master/Teacher


Petra's Ashes
The Big Secret Jack Canfield
The Bilionaire, The Continuum
the billionaire full disclosure
The Billionaire, Soulmates
Life Sparks
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