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The Billionaire: The Great Awakening

Readers will find themselves on the edge of their seats in this highly anticipated fourth book in The Billionaire series.

After experiencing a pandemic that plagued the entire planet in tandem with the birth of a second child, rock star Eli Evans is invited to dive deeper into his true calling to transform the world through music. But as his career gets back in full swing, he struggles to readjust and is challenged by karmic debt from another life.

Tempted by escape and seduction, he faces the possible loss of his relationship with Angelina. Meanwhile, Angelina meets another soulmate and is forced to face her troubled relationship with her father. When Eli receives an invitation to give a private concert, he is offered a glimpse into the future. Find out what he sees in The Great Awakening.

The Billionaire, The Great Awakening

The Billionaire: Full Disclosure

Disclosure is underway on all levels as rock star Eli Evans is guided into another dimension on his journey to help save humanity. 


After the birth of his son, Gabriel, Eli is once again visited by his spirit guide, Michael, who shows Eli the future. Eli learns that the system that controls Earth is crumbling and the old paradigm structures that have kept humanity within a distinct frequency range are on their way out of our reality. Within these lessons is the fundamental truth of humanity’s connection to the cosmos and its extraterrestrial heritage.


Through Remote Viewing, Eli enters Area 51 and finds out some of the sinister plans of the shadow government and how this information has been kept from the masses to impose a matrix-like existence that does not encourage personal growth, spirituality, compassion, and higher dimensional wisdom. He also learns about the dangerous effects of 5G technology and the full extent of human trafficking. 


Now that Eli and his soulmate, Angelina, have a son whose future is at stake, they have never been more motivated to uncover and share the truth. The moment is now for Full Disclosure.

The Billionaire: Soulmates

The Billionaire Full Disclosure



Petra Nicoll is the international bestselling author of The Billionaire: The Continuum, the first book in this popular three-part series. Her first book, Petra's Ashes, was hailed as a "spellbinding memoir about her near death experience and the spiritual journey that followed." She also co-authored The Big Secret with Jack Canfield (Chicken Soup for the Soul series). As an author, intuitive coach and mentor, her life's purpose is to empower others to stop ignoring their intuition and start stepping up to their highest potential. 


Readers will find themselves on the edge of their seats in this highly acclaimed sequel to the international bestseller, "The Billionaire: The Continuum." Rockstar and billionaire, Eli Evans, reunites with Angelina, a yoga teacher, and budding actress, and determines that she is his soulmate. 


But maintaining an intimate relationship while dealing with fame, fortune, and the paparazzi isn't easy. Eli must further figure out how to fulfill what his guide, Michael, outlined for him as his soul’s purpose—raising the vibration of human consciousness through his music, clearing karma from his previous life as Derek Stryker (a billionaire and pedophile), and using wealth accumulated through cryptocurrencies to rebalance world power. 


Join Eli as he discovers a major human trafficking ring in Thailand, has a near-death encounter while attending Burning Man, and experiences the traumatic grief of losing someone very close to him. Along the way, you might uncover a new definition of what it means to be soulmates. 

The Billionaire Soulmates
The Billionaire: The Continuum

When Derek Stryker, a wealthy, narcissistic and power-driven womanizer, is diagnosed with pancreatic cancer, a secret society called “Gemini” promises him a fortune in the next life if he’ll leave the one in this life to them. In the afterlife, Derek experiences extraordinary remorse due to actions during his life on earth. He asks his guide, Michael, to return him to life in Calcutta as a poor man. Instead, he returns to a life of great fame and fortune. In the 25th year of his new life, at the height of rock stardom, he encounters Michael again. The two set off on a journey that leads to incredible realizations about humanity and the future of the earth, and Derek finally finds out why he returned.



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"Like a Phoenix, she will rise from the ashes of despair and soar."

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Petra's Ashes "A Transcendental Journey"

Petra's real-life story could be fiction - only it's not.  

Readers will find her life thought-provoking, mesmerizing and perhaps even remarkable.

Sheltered and protected by her Catholic family, her story "Comatose", is one of the stories from Petra's Memoir - Petra's Ashes "A Transcendental Journey", which reveals a journey of unsettling discoveries and uncommon insights.

Through her near-death experience, the extreme pain and sorrow of her exposure to the tragic death of her mother, suicide, depression, and realities of war.


Being led to The Masters of the Far East, The Shaman's of North America and Mexico awakens her to the realization and vision that she has been given--to become transformed and more intuitive, authentic and soul-centered, which takes her on a journey that she now uses as tools to help others.


Listen to the First Chapter of Petra's Ashes below

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Petra's Ashes
The Big Secret

The desire to keep knowledge from circulating is the essence of any secret.


In the case of the secret of success, entrepreneurs and forward thinkers have come around to recognizing that success is NOT to be kept a secret, but rather, shared for the good of the community, the world, and themselves. We recall the famous words of Napoleon Hill:

It is literally true that you can succeed best and quickest by helping others to succeed.

Therefore, among the secrets to success, mentoring those who wish to learn more about the process is paramount. Other vital factors in success include the need for specific knowledge, saving time by avoiding mistakes, having the passion needed, as well as the will to pursue your dreams and to take action to achieve this success. Dreams without action were once called “pipe dreams” – just smoke screens where nothing tangible was ever accomplished.

While we need to beware of charlatans and cheats, more and more of us wish to succeed personally and help others along the way do the same.


The electronic age has ably assisted this cause. Our Celebrity Experts in this book can now share The BIG Secret with their clients and, in fact, all around the world, showing and helping those who desire to accomplish great deeds and influence the world positively, how to go about this task.

One of the finest reminders we have had on the secret of success is from Thomas Edison:

"I have not failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work".

LifeSPARKS: Life Stories to Illuminate, Inspire and Ignite

LIFE! With it comes events that trample and tread upon your heart and soul. It also brings remarkable “sparks” of human triumph and testimony. Through this collection of moving stories, you will be reminded of where you’ve been and where you’re going—helping you discover how to overcome the adversity you might be experiencing today. Know you are not alone—stories written by authors around the world share and connect us all. 

Become part of this community of people whose stories come to life for you within these pages. One is sure to illuminate, inspire, and ignite something unexpected in you.


Through the powerful, life-changing, very real and personal life stories, these stories will touch on something of importance deep within you—a spark of something welcome and new.









Golden Light Meditation

What is Emotional Processing?

Quantum Physics Demonstrates
....  That Vibrations Create Your Reality. Spiritual awareness and human consciousness are changing rapidly.


Metaphysics opened the door to the new understanding that “we create our reality” and now quantum physics scientifically demonstrates that each person is vibrating out energy and causing the finest particles of creation to take form as the people and experiences we interact with.


All Relationships Are a Mirror of Your Relationship with Yourself

This idea gives new meaning to the concept that all relationships are a mirror of your relationship with yourself. This means that the love, joy, and goodness within you will vibrate out and create events and people who bring love, joy, and happiness into your life.

Similarly, if there are subtle parts of your self that you have not learned how to love and accept, they might cause you to feel sad, frustrated or self-critical. Then we will meet situations and events that push your buttons and stimulate negative emotion within you.

You will experience unhealthy relationships with your parents, attract work conditions that are challenging, feel abandoned by your loved ones and even create lack of prosperity.

The Child is Feeling, the Adult is Thinking

The root cause of this negative emotion was experienced within us as children, usually between the ages of birth and 7 years of age, when unconditional love and acceptance was withheld by the authority figures around us.

If mother or father were having a bad day and feeling sad, lonely or frustrated then they were emitting negative emotion that would have to impact the vulnerable child.

This is not a judgment upon them but, nevertheless, the child would experience the withholding of love and unconsciously begin to believe that something must be wrong within themselves.

The child is not yet capable of discerning that this is mother’s and father’s issue because the child does not develop the discerning and discriminating mind until around 7 years of age.

All events within the family unit are interpreted through emotions and feelings. If there is negative emotion then the child can only feel that something about them must be unlovable.

Learning and practicing The Golden Light Meditation with the Emotional Clearing techniques will empower you to feel the feelings and transform the negative emotions, thereby having a fulfilling relationship in all areas of your life.

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