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"Get in touch with your true, core self and the wisdom of your intuition, so you’re able to discover your purpose, notice opportunities that you otherwise might have missed, and avoid obstacles that would have blocked you in the past."

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Spiritual Coach

I have been coaching and working with people from all over the world for over 30 years. Through Spiritual Coaching w/ Biofeedback we can get to the bottom of even the most difficult situations in life. It is my passion to help people find their purpose and help them create the life they seek. 

What benefits do I get from working with a Spiritual Coach?

When you know how to use the invisible, infallible, universal principles of success, everything becomes easier.

Get in touch with your true, and core self and the wisdom of your intuition, so you’re able to discover your purpose, notice opportunities that you otherwise might have missed, and avoid obstacles that would have blocked you in the past.

The people, circumstances, abilities, and resources you desire come to you easily because all your power is turned toward attracting them instead of working against your growth or being limited by fears, doubts, or a lack of knowledge.

Indigo Quantum Biofeedback

Quantum Biofeedback

Atoms are more empty space than solid particles.

What is Biofeedback Therapy? Biofeedback Therapy differs from pharmaceuticals and nutrients in that those work on biochemistry where Biofeedback works on biophysics.  If you recall from science class, everything is made up of atoms.  Atoms contain a nucleus, protons, neutrons, and electrons.   The amount of space in an atom is significantly greater than the number of solids in an atom but because the protons, neutrons, and electrons are moving at such rapid pace things (including people and animals) feel solid even though they are more space than solid.  Since the particles in the atom are moving so quickly they create vibrations and those vibrations create an energetic frequency.  The Quantum INDIGO Biofeedback device simply detects stressors in the energetic frequencies of the person or animal and supplies a balancing or neutralizing frequency.

Lewis River Zen Retreat

Professional Speaker
Workshops & Retreats

Petra is passionate about helping people and creating beautiful environments for people to thrive. She has been a Public Speaker, Workshop and Seminar Leader for over 25 years. She hosts many healing retreats and events that allow people the space for massive transformation within environments that are conducive to healing body, mind, and spirit. Invest in yourself and join Petra's 7 Insights Webinar. 

The Secret to Quantum Transformation


The Secret to Quantum Transformation 

"7 Insights" 


During this course, I will deliver new teachings, share examples, teach you how to recondition your body to a new mind, and show you how to liberate energy stored in your body in the form of self-limiting thoughts, unconscious habits, and memorized emotions through emotional processing and golden light meditation. 

When you free up energy from your past and open yourself up to a new future, you can create who you really want to be and what you want in your life. Hundreds of people around the world have applied these principles and produced amazing results for themselves.

This workshop will get you out of your comfort zone and push you beyond your 'limitations' to break chains and set you free from the old programs and paradigms that have held you hostage. This is a unique opportunity for you to retreat from your routine life with all of the familiar stimuli and create a new reality. You will be asked to suspend all beliefs and to make room for the unknown.

The 7 Insights, was created to take you through a series of interactive exercises and intensive meditations that will deepen your practice and process of change.



Author/YouTube Show Host

Petra Nicoll is the International Bestselling Author of The Billionaire: Full Disclosure, the third book in this popular three-part series. Her first book, Petra's Ashes "A Transcendental Journey", was hailed as a "spellbinding memoir" about  her near-death experience and the spiritual journey that followed." She also co-authored The Big Secret with Jack Canfield (Chicken Soup for the Soul series). As an author, intuitive coach and mentor, her life's purpose is to empower others to stop ignoring their intuition and start stepping up to their highest potential.



Petra's real-life story could be fiction - only it's not.  Her books are thought-provoking, mesmerizing--and perhaps even remarkable.  Her Intuitive Coaching with Quantum Biofeedback will accelerate your growth more rapidly than anything you have ever experienced.  


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