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Why we need Enzymes

Mark Twain wrote: "To eat is human, to digest divine." 


We need enzymes to digest food


Our living body also needs enzymes for every other operation and chemical reaction to take place. Enzymes constitute the difference between life and death. Only living organisms can produce enzymes, but their capacity to make enzymes is limited and exhaustible.


Our body hosts two types of enzymes:


Metabolic enzymes, which run our bodies, and digestive enzymes, which participate in digesting our food. Only raw and living foods follow nature's design and come with their own food enzymes to aid digestion. They are responsible for the release of nutrients out of the foods we eat.


Dr. Edward Howell writes in his remarkable book "Enzyme Nutrition" that heat over 118° F kills enzymes. If food is cooked, it does not carry enzymes, and the body is forced to use up its own digestive enzymes.


Only living organisms, be it a human being, an animal, or a plant, possess enzymes. No one would ever argue that a dead person is the same as a living one just because the chemical composition of the body is the same. And yet we never think twice about allegations that cooked food is as good as raw food or better. The plant world possesses integrity and the "life factor." From an enzymatic approach, a picked fruit or a cut green is still alive, even though its own source of nourishment has been cut off. Seeds and nuts will reproduce if put into the soil, fruits will continue to ripen even after they have been picked from the tree, a vegetable--be it a carrot, onion, or potato--when put into the ground will sprout.


Ultimate Eating

Enzymes are combinations of proteins, vitamins, and minerals in an active molecular form. Chemists are able to synthesize some of these nutrients, but they have not been able to "breathe life" into them. The "life factor" has never been and probably never will be re-created.


Enzymes are very particular. They cannot tolerate heat, microwave irradiation, or pasteurization. Cooking always removes or spoils the goodness of food. Cooked food points down to the grave because it is dead. Only humans apply heat to what they eat. Presently, humans apply heat to most of their food prior to consumption. Humans on average as a race, die at or below half their potential lifespan of chronic illness that is largely diet and life-style related. "You won't be surprised that diseases are innumerable--count the cooks." - Seneca (4 BC-AD 65), Epistles


This is a group endeavor that I have decided we would like to explore together. 

This isn't a diet or heavily structured program, and there are just a few strict guidelines. 

The idea is to replace processed/cooked/unnatural foods with organic, raw, wholesome natural foods for 3 weeks. We want everyone to know and experience what it is like to eat raw, living, whole, fresh and "high vibrational" foods. 


They will increase your body's health and vitality as well as clear the "toxic sludge" that has built up over the years.

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