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Readers will find themselves on the edge of their seats in this highly acclaimed sequel to the international bestseller, "The Billionaire: The Continuum." Rockstar and billionaire, Eli Evans, reunites with Angelina, a yoga teacher, and budding actress, and determines that she is his soulmate. 

But maintaining an intimate relationship while dealing with fame, fortune, and the paparazzi isn't easy. Eli must further figure out how to fulfill what his guide, Michael, outlined for him as his soul’s purpose—raising the vibration of human consciousness through his music, clearing karma from his previous life as Derek Stryker (a billionaire and pedophile), and using wealth accumulated through cryptocurrencies to rebalance world power. 

Join Eli as he discovers a major human trafficking ring in Thailand, has a near-death encounter while attending Burning Man, and experiences the traumatic grief of losing someone very close to him. Along the way, you might uncover a new definition of what it means to be soulmates.

The Billionaire: Soulmates

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