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The Billionaire: Full Disclosure

Disclosure is underway on all levels as rock star Eli Evans is guided into another dimension on his journey to help save humanity. 

After the birth of his son, Gabriel, Eli is once again visited by his spirit guide, Michael, who shows Eli the future. Eli learns that the system that controls Earth is crumbling and the old paradigm structures that have kept humanity within a distinct frequency range are on their way out of our reality. Within these lessons is the fundamental truth of humanity’s connection to the cosmos and its extraterrestrial heritage.

Through Remote Viewing, Eli enters Area 51 and finds out some of the sinister plans of the shadow government and how this information has been kept from the masses to impose a matrix-like existence that does not encourage personal growth, spirituality, compassion, and higher dimensional wisdom. He also learns about the dangerous effects of 5G technology and the full extent of human trafficking. 

Now that Eli and his soulmate, Angelina, have a son whose future is at stake, they have never been more motivated to uncover and share the truth. The moment is now for Full Disclosure.

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