Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils

  • People are always asking me about DoTERRAs Enrollment Kits and I always have a hard time finding them. So to make things easier on myself and for others I wanted to post this.

     It is so nice that DoTERRA has enrollment kits because you can save so much money. The bigger kit the more you save. I am quite the sucker for saving money, good deals and free stuff!


    I started out with the Premium Essential Oils Kit it was the biggest kit they had at the time. It was so nice to save some money get free points and to start out with so many oils. I got 100 free points which is equivalent to $100 if you get all oils.
    It was awesome to be able to try other oils I didn't have in my kit for free! It was also great to have a diffuser to use with all my oils.

    When getting a Kit or any of DoTERRAs Essential Oils I recommend getting the Modern Essentials Book so you know how to use, mix and dilute all your oils.


    Some roll-ons to make your own mixtures, to make it more convenient, readily availableand you wont go through your oils as fast.

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