Whole Body Vibration was developed to help astronauts stay healthy in zero gravity environment ofspace. The see-saw motion of the vibration plate challenges your muscle groups like no otherexercise machine on the market today.


Just 10 minutes on the vibration machine is equal to 1 hour in the gym. The second motor provides an elliptical horizontal motion which helps blood circulation in the feet and lower half of your body.


If you’re a person that wants results without thehassles of the gym, you need to look into the benefits of whole body vibration.


  • Accelerates Fat Loss
  • Improves Flexibility
  • Improves Lymphatic Drainage
  • Increases Functional Muscle Strength
  • Tones and Tightens the Body


Whole Body Vibration  may appear to be a new therapy but it was actually developed by Russian scientists to help overcome degeneration of muscle mass of cosmonauts who had spent long periods of time in zero gravity.


These early vibration machines cost over $80 000 and could only be afforded by clinics. What Roger Akins witnessed both in his personal life and from speaking with customers is that once someone had reached the age of 35 they make an error (in his opinion) of returning to conventional weight lifting equipment / gym equipment in an attempt to retain their vitality.


However by the age of 35, most people have experienced some type of injury or dysfunction. We have all seen the middle aged jogger trundling down the street in the early morning in an attempt to get fit. Next time observe them closely. Often their gait is labored which is caused by the stress of having a body which is out of alignment.


By returning to the gym, they proceed to strengthen this dysfunction. On the other hand, with whole body vibration therapy they proceed to return the body to skeletal alignment.


On some vibrating platforms you have the option to sit or stand. The variables are the number of vibrations per second and the depth of vibration. Claims have been made that the vibrations produced by these machines will cause the muscles to contract and exercise them.


Elderly Adults

Elderly adults can see improvement from vibration machines. Bone mineral density can increase in older women who use the machines. Elderly patients also can experience improved muscle strength and balance and lessen the risk of falling.


Weight Loss

Diabetes Forecast reports on a study done at Artesis University College and the University of Antwerp in Belgium which concluded that vibration training may have benefits for obese patients. In a study of 79 overweight adults, those who used vibration platforms to perform a variety of exercises lost 11 percent of their body weight. In a follow-up, they had maintained a 10.5-percent weight loss.



Using the vibration platform properly is very important for good results. Just standing on the platform is not likely to provide much benefit. Exercises like pushups and situps need to be performed while on the platform for optimal benefits. It is helpful to have trained personnel instructing exercisers on good form.


Do your own research and you’ll find the medical studies that conclude the many health and fitnessbenefits of whole body vibration.

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